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25 May – Happy 1st Anniversary Day!

Anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

At the 1st Anniversary of Tynon... read the rest here.

23 November – Beta Update!
Here are the latest changes to Tynon Beta:


New Heroes added!
Defeat new heroes to earn their loyalty. New legendary heroes await!
Reserve Hero system.
Set up to 3 Heroes to substitute for downed read the rest here.
26 September – Improvements & Bug Fixes!
Here are the latest changes to Tynon:


Blacksmith & Talent Queue
  • Cool down time has been significantly reduced.
Player Power Levels
24 September – Patch Notes
We released a bug fix patch today and it actually introduced 2 new bugs that we're going to fix.

Known Issues:

  • Blacksmith and Talent cooldowns were unintentionally reduced. This is going to be reverted soon and they will be back to normal.
  • Players had their displayed Power lowered by a small percentage. This has no affect on battle or gameplay, and it will fixed soon and back to normal.

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Wasted A Wasted A 11 September 2014

no $

i am wasted a, and i have no $. i still kick a lot of ass on tynon because im good. you got a problem w/ that, meet me at server 129 ☺

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Goldenruhl Goldenruhl 19 June 2014

tynon down

great tynon has been down for 2 hrs now

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Kivaonne Kivaonne 6 June 2014

Tynon not working

Hey. I was on Tynon then Firefox crashed. I tried to get back on tynon but it wouldnt let me. Me and some people who play Tynon got on Facebook and chatted. We all had the same problem. I was wonderi…

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