Abbreviation for Player versus Player.

PvP is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants

This page lists all the activities that fall under the latter and their role in Tynon.

Participating in PvPEdit

  • World
While you are on the World map are able to attack anyone that's 10 levels below you and anyone of higher level, regardless of their realm as long as you are not currently in Aerie.
  • Arena
In Arena you start from the lowest rank and work your way to the top challenging other players. During Arena combat you are also able to set Stakes and wil additional loot from these battles as well as from your defeated opponents.
Pvp arena
  • Guild
Team up with the members of your Guild for Guild Warfare and battle another Guild for supremacy.
  • Realm
Players of each realm team up to fight against players from the opposing realms in team-based combat. As of May 2013 this particular method of PvP has yet to be implemented into Tynon by uCool. source
Pvp pirate
  • Carribean Pirates
In the Pirate area players can rob and sink other player's ships. You cannot fight people in your own guild. The only rewards for PvP here is a half of map.


Currently there is an exception to PvP not being allowed in the city as players whom you have previously attacked can choose to take revenge on you. At this time the only way to avoid revenge is to have the protection buff on or by not attacking anyone or taking revenge on those who have attacked you.