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Patch Notes 5/30/2013

Here are some of the major changes to the game!

  • The Noble Lady now awards Credits instead of Gems.
  • Players can now earn 10 Gems each day by earning 100 activity points through the Daily Assistant.
  • The Noble Lady should no longer crash the server when she appears!
  • Added more detail when viewing other players' profiles.
  • Apprentice Gear can now be upgraded to a max of level 10. Hope Bringer (and above) can still be upgraded beyond level 10.
  • Sanctify now shows in the battle screen.
  • Banish Baal rewards window updated so its more clear what you've won from the event.
  • Players' guilds are now visible in the arena screen.
  • Mysterious chests are divided by Realm instead of the entire server.
  • Reduced the cost of some items from the Labyrinth vendor.

Source May 30, 2013