Questions w/answers listed below in Alphabetic order using the exact question as worded in Creatan Labyrinth. 

How many realms are there in one server? 3Edit

How many times can players receive free Stamina Bonus a day? 2Edit

How many times can you challenge other players in the Arena a day? UnlimitedEdit

How much Coins will you get for reaching 100 Daily Activites score? 20000Edit

How much does it cost to unlock you second Talent queue? 50,000 CreditsEdit

How much does it cost to unlock your second Blacksmith queue? 50k CoinsEdit

How much is the cost to use the Philospher's Stone? FreeEdit

How much Spirits is needed to recruit a Super Rare Hero? 500Edit

How much Spirits is needed to recruit a Legendary Hero? 800Edit

Inside the Shrine, which god grants you Coins as rewards? God of WealthEdit

Inside the Shrine, which god grants you Credits as rewards? God of WarEdit

Inside the Shrine, which god grants you Reputation as rewards? No such godEdit

What do you need to Recruit a Hero? CreditsEdit

What do you need to speak in the World Channel? SpeakersEdit

What do you need to upgrade your Talents? CreditsEdit

What happens if you are out of Stamina? You Will be Teleported back to the Aerie CityEdit

What is the use of Stamina? Used to fight Monsters and BossesEdit

What quality is the Hope Bringer's Sword? EpicEdit

When can you unlock the Heroic Realm? After destroying the Dark TowerEdit

When does Lv3. Hero's Presence Talent unlock? level 20Edit

====When will you be able to unlock the second Rune-Slot? When you are Lv25


Where can you check your hero's detailed attributes? By clicking the hero inside the Heroes windowEdit

Where can you make your equipmeny more powerful? Using the Blacksmith featureEdit

Where do the most of the epic Equipment come from? Crafting with plansEdit

Which attribute bonus does the Rune Mountain offer? Physical DefenseEdit

Which attribute increases Hero's Physical Attack and Physical Defense? CommandEdit

Which is not the materials needed to craft the Hope Bringer's Sword?JadeEdit

Which is the Maximum heros you can have in your Formation at the same time? 5Edit

Which is the minimum level required to equip a Crafted Epic Equipment? 20Edit

Which of the following features can help you get as much daily bonus as you can? AssistantEdit

Which of the following resources can be attained from the Shire? CreditsEdit

Which one is the condition of launching a Skill attack? Morale Bar reaches 100%Edit

Which one is the majority source of getting Epic Plans? Heroic BossesEdit

Which one is the rewards from the Beginner's Rewards Day 2? Hope Bringer's Sword (Plans)Edit

Which resource does the Philospher's Stone produce? CoinsEdit

Which Skill deals damage to enemies that are in the same line on the screen? Sweeping SlashEdit

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Which Skill deals damage to enemies that are in the same Row on the screen? Piercing ThrustEdit

Which Talent incrases Her's Physical Attack damage? Strength of SteelEdit

Which Talent increases Hero's Hit Points? ConstitutionEdit

Which Talent Increases the number of heroes you can place in your Formation? Hero's PresenceEdit

How many enhantment levels does the original equipment keep after being used to craft a more powerful equipment? 3 levels less than the original.